Held at the University of Oviedo (Spain) from the 31st August-2nd September

Scientific committee:

  • George Dresen,. GFZ-Potsdam
  • Ernie Rutter and Simon Brocklenhurst, University of Manchester
  • Dave Prior, University of Otago
  • Andrés Perez-Estaún, Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera CSIC Barcelona
  • Fernando Bastida, Jesús Aller, Sergio Llana-Fúnez, Universidad de Oviedo

Organizing committee:

  • Sergio Llana-Fúnez
  • Marco A. López-Sánchez
  • Francisco J. Fernández Rodríguez
  • Alberto Marcos VAllaure
  • Juan Luis Alonso
  • Fernando Bastida
  • Jesús Aller
  • Fundación Universidad de Oviedo
  • Universidad de Oviedo
  • Miguel Gutierrez-Medina (Universidad de Cantabria)
  • Ángela Suárez-Rodríguez (IGME León)

Abstract Volume (PDF)


Oviedo is strategically located to visit tectonic structures formed at different depths in the crust within an orogenic wedge. Two fieldtrips will be organised aiming to observe structures formed at different depths in the crust during the development of the Variscan Orogeny.

Pre-conference fieldtrip (29-30 August). The first trip targets the Porma melange, where we will visit structures formed at the front of the foreland fold and thrust belt, in a submarine environment.

Post-conference fieldtrip (3-5 September). The second trip is based in western Asturias and Galicia, we will have the opportunity to observe the style of internal deformation in low grade rocks and strain localization in crustal-scale strain zones.

There will be a maximum of 40 participants per trip. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Below you will find a selection of pictures from the areas that will be visited in the conference fieldtrips.

Pérez-Estaún et al. 1991

Pre-conference Fieldtrip

Post-conference Fieldtrip

Conference pictures